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Грузинская жертва нордицизма

В компанию к турецкой жертве нордицизма.

The name of this forum is incorrect.Georgians,Armenians and Azeris are absolutely different nations.Ethno-linguistically and racially:Armenians are Indoeuropeans;Azeris are Turks;Georgians are Caucasians.Armenians would pass like Greeks(while Greeks are slightly lighter),Georgians are the lightest among almost entire southern Europe,they would pass somewhere between Bulgaryans(eastern Georgians) and Serbs(western Georgians).Azeris are Turks,with admixture of Persian(brown) and northern Caucasian(white) blood.

I said almost.It means not all.G-eorgians are lighter than S-paniards,G-reeks,I-talians,a-lbanians,b-oshnaks,but not B-ulgaryans and S-erbs.Eastern G-eorgians are also light!don't confudse it! there are a-zeris and a-rmenians who live there and make eastern G-eorgia "blacker".what about B-ulgarians,my friend is there and he is whiter than almost all(he is eastern G-eorgian).the last is only example,don't worry.It's possible some B-ulgarian comes here and appear lighter or darker than natives.

This map isn't righ! firstly,Georgia had at least 20% of blondes and is the lightest among whole southern Europe.then,Balkans is lighter than Spain or Italy.

Georgians are lighter than southern Europeans buth by skin and hairs,and eyes,and pluss taller.

Light Georgians are lighter than chechens,and lighter than many Russians.Eastern ones are darker,but they are white also(they look like middle Italians).What does typical south Caucasian look means for you?The fact that armenians and azeris are majority of south Caucasian people,doesn't mean that typical southern Caucasians look is dark.

For what,that you're brown-skinned muslim monkeys? Its surprising that everyone is proud of its nationality,whatever shamefull this nationality is.

G-eorgia is the lightest country in southern E-urope,maybe after S-erbia and C-roatia.Comparison a-rmenian to c-hechen and G-eorgian to b-oshknak isn't analogous.We are lighter than all three of them,they are black muds.
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