aquilaaquilonis (aquilaaquilonis) wrote,

Такие бы слова, да Богу в уши

Russians make up 83% of the population (incl. "Ukrainians" and "Belarussians"). The vast majority look and are pure Slavic. Compared to Poles, who are supposed to be pure Slavs, Russians look closer to Old Slavs (and this hockey player is a good example), despite they are spread to such vast territories and supposedly mixed with so many non-Slavs.

In these days, at least among Russians, there is a racial trend of reversion towards Old Slavic means. Today already, there are much more "Nordids" proportionally among Russians than Scandinavians. In a hundred years, if trend continues, Aryan rather than Baltid will be the dominant phenotype. For some reason, there is no such trend in other parts of Europe: Poles today or Germans today or Swedes today are as "Nordid" as they were 100 years ago.

Just the thought of a big strong nation with looks like Dementieva, Tursunov or this Krasnoslobodtsev makes me happy and Jews very unhappy.
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