aquilaaquilonis (aquilaaquilonis) wrote,

И в шутку и всерьёз

Финский лингвист Яако Хаккинен о распространении индоевропейских и финноугорских языков:

Uralic speakers didn't destroy every old cultures in the areas where they spread their language, like early Indo-Europeans did… No sir, when our Uralic-speaking ancestors spread their language, they used the clever pyramid marketing: "Ukh, hauti ja terse! Buy these nice bronze artifacts now before your neighbour gets his greedy, greasy hands around them, so we will make you the local *asira and you can sell these onwards yourself, and we only take a humble slice of all the profit! You will make *śëta or even *śosra squirrel furs (that is as much as all fingers and toes from all your relatives). All we want is your pale Palaeo-European *tüktars for our wives (we probably have many!) to breed us beautiful mongrel kids. And of course our children will learn our language, because otherwise they cannot become serious bronze-dealers. You have a plenty of time to think about our offer, until *Ena *Kunśipäŋi unsheathes his Mälar-axe..."
Tags: Занимательное языкознание

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