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Ужасы нашего городка )

Человек снял для западной аудитории видео об ужасной России на примере петербургского района Мурино.

Западная аудитория ему пишет:

Go to Chicago, you'll never complain about Russian cities again.

At least people have where to live, I haven't seen a single homeless in NFKRZ videos.

It looks like Wembley Park in London.

Really, I've seen much scarier neighborhoods in America.

I’m English and that place doesn’t look to bad some parts of Reading which is a town here are worse.

still a lot better than the murder cities of Chicago and Baltimore in the USA. not to mention the haven for criminals in SF and LA.

its nice, just needs more trees and a park that's about all its really missing.

In the United States you would be tripping over the homeless.

It's exactly like Jersey City, NJ, but with wider sidewalk.

Russian architecture even in the shittest areas are still beautiful I can’t lie . The apartment blocks behind him at 4:15 are literally lovely lool you’d see those same ones in central london…

if there were actual parks and recreational stuff I really wouldn't mind living in a place planned out like murino

Looks less shit than a lot of LA

Nah, if to find dirt and mud you have to go to a construction lot - it is kind of where it is, neither people walk a lot outside at November cold and darkness in Russia - when he was so surprised of emptiness in the alley

How is that a "hood"? Very clean (no trash on road) and no trace of poor young men standing in groups on the street corner smoking and drinking all day

i dont under stand the shit talking about this modern suburb. only critique i would say is that there are no green spaces and way to many unfinished plots of land with mud and dirt. either way this is how every city in europe builds modern apartment housing

That place is a hell of a lot nicer and cleaner looking than most cities in Canada and The US.
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